Vegetarian Means Vegan, Right?

Actually vegetarians tend to differ from what Vegans consider themselves to be. The exact reasons for why, evade me at the moment.

I eat plenty of vegetables but also enjoy eggs so I think this means I may be a vegetarian but I am not a vegan because eggs are not on their menu. I need to watch my calories and weight.

Veganism, if I may, seems to be more like a religion than just a healthy eating regime. I think the term is applied to not only eggs but even to wearing things that may have once been alive, like leather.

I have no feelings on this one way or another and think our life choices are just that, our life choices.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Super Deluxe Lobster Clambake Brings Some Sunshine To Winter

By Shannon Linnen

Summer is a great period for entertaining, and a very fun way to entertain is to invite your friends and family over for a clambake. Lobster and clams cooked over a fire, some exotic drinks, brightly colored decorations and appropriate music make for a great time for everybody.

However, when the weather is not cooperating, or even when winter hits, why not hold a lobster clambake indoors? What a great way to bring the illusion of summer to a cold winter day! And it's a fun, easy and healthy way to entertain.

In place of just any old lobster clambake, consider having a super deluxe lobster clambake, which is sure to please a variety of tastes. For your indoor clambake, purchase some fresh lobster, clams, shrimp, mussels, and maybe even some crab. You might also want to include some lobster bisque or clam chowder on the menu, in addition to corn on the cob and roasted potatoe.

Besides the food for your super deluxe lobster clambake, you will want to have a good supply of lobster bibs on hand, claw crackers, lots and lots of napkins, and a good supply of pre-moistened towlettes. Seafood is delicious but it can be very messy indeed.

You are probably wondering how you can have an indoor clambake, when the clams and other seafood at a clambake are traditionally cooked in a pit over an open fire. Easy! For this super deluxe lobster clambake you will be doing all of the cooking on the traditional indoor stovetops.

Lobster stock pot is the only special equipment required to complete the cooking of lobster. A variety of models are available in the market and some incorporate a steamer rack and basket. Cooking supply stores and Internet are the places one should look for. As you search the net for your lobster stock pot , you should do an extra search for an indoor clambake recipe that sounds good.

To make planning and preparing for you party even easier, there are many super deluxe lobster clambake kits available. They can easily be found by searching the Internet. Many of the kits contain everything you need, including wetnaps, claw crackers and cloth napkins, in addition to the seafood itself. All you'll need to shop for are the vegetables and you'll be all set for the most popular party of the season.

Just because you don't live near or on the coast does not mean you do not have to suffer without a Super Deluxe Clambake! Now that both Fedex and UPS offer overnight shipping it has never been easier to have some quality fresh seafood sent straight to your door. All you have to do is contact one of the various online seafood vendors, give them a call or visit their website. From there you can order up your clambake and start the countdown until it arrives.

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