Vegetarian Means Vegan, Right?

Actually vegetarians tend to differ from what Vegans consider themselves to be. The exact reasons for why, evade me at the moment.

I eat plenty of vegetables but also enjoy eggs so I think this means I may be a vegetarian but I am not a vegan because eggs are not on their menu. I need to watch my calories and weight.

Veganism, if I may, seems to be more like a religion than just a healthy eating regime. I think the term is applied to not only eggs but even to wearing things that may have once been alive, like leather.

I have no feelings on this one way or another and think our life choices are just that, our life choices.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Easy Pointers To Make Recipes Healthy

By Chris Lee

Keeping yourself and your family eating healthier is no easy task. There are many ways that you can transform your recipes into healthy ones. The first rule in preparing healthy dishes is in using healthy ingredients. You will literally ruin a healthy recipe by adding fats and other unhealthy ingredients that are not called for in the recipe. Ensure that you plan ahead and buy the healthiest ingredients for each of your recipes.

Second, you need to understand the importance of timing. Whenever you find extra time, you should prepare some healthy recipes in advance. Cook your recipes and then freeze the dishes. If you find that you are running short on cooking time, these frozen meals will come in very handy. In cases where you simply do not have time to cook, this can be a healthy eating lifesaver. Instead of stopping for fast food, you can simply microwave one of your healthy meals.

The third healthy tip is to always search for fresh ingredients. Using fresh ingredients boosts the taste and the health properties of your recipes. Using fresh herbs and spices will improve the flavor of your dishes. Fresh ingredients ensure that you are getting more health benefits in each bite. You should always use fresh vegetables when possible.

Cooking or canning vegetables strips away some of the nutrients. Your fourth tip is to always choose healthy meats. This is not relating to the actual meat that you eat, but to the cut. You know, of course, that chicken and fish are much healthier. This is important for those recipes when substitution is simply not an option. If you cannot substitute, then you need to search for a lean cut.

Many people believe that ground beef is all the same. This is simply not true. If you need to use ground beef, then choose a ground chuck that contains less fat. If you read the label, you should be able to determine how lean the cut is. If you have problems then you can ask your butcher for help. The fifth and final tip is to avoid creams and sauces that contain unhealthy ingredients. Although many recipes may call for heavy cream, you should learn the substitutions that you can use to avoid things such as this. Read up on healthier recipes and learn what healthy foods and be substituted for not so healthy ones.

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