Vegetarian Means Vegan, Right?

Actually vegetarians tend to differ from what Vegans consider themselves to be. The exact reasons for why, evade me at the moment.

I eat plenty of vegetables but also enjoy eggs so I think this means I may be a vegetarian but I am not a vegan because eggs are not on their menu. I need to watch my calories and weight.

Veganism, if I may, seems to be more like a religion than just a healthy eating regime. I think the term is applied to not only eggs but even to wearing things that may have once been alive, like leather.

I have no feelings on this one way or another and think our life choices are just that, our life choices.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Delicious Comfort Food - Meat Lasagna

By Mike Sasaki

I absolutely love comfort food. Comfort food makes you feel awesome, but why? I think it is because it reminds you of being a kid and eating great and delicious meals with your family after an afternoon of playing with your friends.

What are your favorite comfort foods? Here is a list of the Top 25 Comfort Foods: Apple Pie, Baked Beans, Banana Pudding, Beef Stew, Brisket Pot Roast, Chicken & Dumplings, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Soup, Chili, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Corn on the Cob, Fried Chicken, Gelatin, Green Bean Casserole, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Macaroni & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Meatloaf, Potato Salad, Pumpkin Pie, Shepherd's Pie, Spaghetti, Tomato Soup, and Tuna Casserole.

Now, this list contains a lot of foods that I'd never eat, but it is a good list of comfort foods. The one comfort food that seems to be missing is: Meat Lasagna. I don't know anybody that dislikes a good meat lasagna. The ingredients are so delicious individually and when combined in a meat lasagna, it's the ultimate comfort food.

Served with a slice of garlic bread, you'll be full and happy in no time. You can substitute ground beef with ground turkey and you can add more cheese or less depending on what you prefer. You can also add red pepper flakes to give your meat lasagna a nice kick.

The great thing about lasagnas is that you can eat it for lunch the next day and it seems to just get better because the lasagna squares come together and the ingredients combine nicely.

It is surprisingly easy and quick to make and it looks like you've been in the kitchen for hours. Also, with 1 large meat lasagna you can feed a family of 6, easily.

Stop delaying and get into the kitchen? Grab your ingredients and you'll be done in no time.

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