Vegetarian Means Vegan, Right?

Actually vegetarians tend to differ from what Vegans consider themselves to be. The exact reasons for why, evade me at the moment.

I eat plenty of vegetables but also enjoy eggs so I think this means I may be a vegetarian but I am not a vegan because eggs are not on their menu. I need to watch my calories and weight.

Veganism, if I may, seems to be more like a religion than just a healthy eating regime. I think the term is applied to not only eggs but even to wearing things that may have once been alive, like leather.

I have no feelings on this one way or another and think our life choices are just that, our life choices.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Learn About The Fantastic Range Of Franke Sinks

By Lucy Marciani

As would reasonably be expected from the world's leading provider of kitchen equipment, when you buy a Franke Sink, you are getting something a little more than a simple kitchen sink. Indeed, such is the breadth of knowledge built over their respected history, they can advise which style and fitting would suit you best.

This advice will be needed; with an impressive range of sinks to choose from and a veritable galaxy of options to tailor it to your most specific of needs. Whether you decide to choose from a Granite Topmount design, a rustic Fireclay Apron Fronted double sink for your country kitchen, or a more traditional single bowl Stainless Steel Worktop fitting, you are sure to find the ideal option.

For those looking for something a little beyond the ordinary; their range of Polished Brass and Titanium sinks could be just perfect. But whichever is selected, you can be sure of only the finest finish, non-porous, wonderfully colored and toughened materials that will last a lifetime. If you really want to put your sink through its paces, go for the Granite option. It will be literally as tough as stone.

If a stronger guarantee is needed, then you need look no further than some of the best Michelin starred restaurant kitchens across the world. With Stainless Steel gauges of anything up to 16gauge, (professional quality density), you will be in very good company.

Whilst stainless steel is a brilliant material, it still needs some care and attention. For example; protective rubber mats should only be used sparingly, and removed immediately after use. If left in, these will only serve to trap iron deposits and cause discoloration. Once you have finished using the sink, give it a wipe with a dry cloth to remove all excess moisture and allow it to breath.

For all other care and maintenance issues, and advice on how to add to the appeal of your sink Franke can be relied upon for a dedicated system of support and guidance. Available worldwide via the phone, online, through email or in store through their network of providers, they will be only too happy to answer your questions.

Ensuing good maintenance will bring its own benefits. It has been delivered to you in the best possible condition, and a Franke Sink can be considered a small investment to your home and lifestyle. It is also a focal point in the heart of the home. Look after it well, and it will look after you.

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