Vegetarian Means Vegan, Right?

Actually vegetarians tend to differ from what Vegans consider themselves to be. The exact reasons for why, evade me at the moment.

I eat plenty of vegetables but also enjoy eggs so I think this means I may be a vegetarian but I am not a vegan because eggs are not on their menu. I need to watch my calories and weight.

Veganism, if I may, seems to be more like a religion than just a healthy eating regime. I think the term is applied to not only eggs but even to wearing things that may have once been alive, like leather.

I have no feelings on this one way or another and think our life choices are just that, our life choices.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

DinnerSmith: On Family, Food And Time

By Fran Valle

Imagine if you will, two women living side by side in Maplewood, New Jersey.

They were very much alike. Both were happily married. Both were Moms of two children. And both, it turned out, were attorneys who work for prestigious Wall Street Manhattan law firms.

But there was a difference. Although both made the identical daily commuter trip into the city, one found herself entirely dependent on Burger King and Pizza Hut and other local fast food emporiums to feed her family while the other was able to set delectable and nutritious award winning meals before her family nightly.

What's the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what makes this kind of difference in people's lives? It isn't a native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn't that one person wants healthy, strong and intelligent children and the other doesn't.

Both women apparently care a great deal for their children and want to see them succeed in everything that they endeavor to do in life and reach their maximum potential.

This is why I want you to know about DinnerSmith Meal Prep Studios found in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Having the ability to prepare delectable and healthy meals regardless of the trappings of your busy and hectic life is the purpose behind DinnerSmith. In addition, not only can DinnerSmith provide you and your family with healthy and satisfying meals, the recollections of spending quality time together with your family at the dinner table will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

A Radical and New Idea in Food Prep

Understanding that life is more than a good career and the money that goes along with it is an important lesson to be learned. Preparing great meals and allowing for quality family time is at the heart of DinnerSmith. In addition, DinnerSmith is the only business out there that provides this particular service.

Money is Something, but it Isn't Everything

Right now, I am looking at the best read page on the web site The "Menu" page condenses all the experience of DinnerSmith's founders, Mary, Sharon and Fran and distills it into ten to fourteen different and easy-to-assemble entrees every month.

By visiting our website,, you will find meals that are a breeze to prepare, that are extremely healthy, and you will find many different varieties to choose from. If providing good tasting, healthy meals for you family seemed like too much work it will only take you a little bit of time to realize that this is not only possible, it can be easy as well. There are at least 10 to up to 14 different meals to choose from each month and they are sure to be enjoyed by you and your family.

There is dinner after delightful dinner listed on that page, each filled with fascinating and nutritious food that's good for you and your family. Signing up and attending a DinnerSmith session gives you insights into how great chefs brainstorm and make balanced and fantastically scrumptious meals.

By viewing the website you will find many new, many different, and many interesting dinners for you and your family to try. You also have the opportunity to attend a DinnerSmith session. This will give any skeptical people a chance to watch how these meals are cooked and taste how good these meals are first hand.

DinnerSmith is a textbook definition of cleanliness. Located at 1908 Springfield Ave. Maplewood, NJ, our facility has been designed and constructed for simple convenience. Daily trips to the market ensure that all ingredients are fresh. As a rule, we also only purchase the amount of ingredients that they need for each day. That guarantees that the ingredients used for each appointment is the freshest possible.

Freshness and convenience starts with the Meal Prep that is done at DinnerSmith. Vegetables are cleaned and cut, and side dishes are prepared as well, and all minutes before your appointment time. This means that noting is sitting around getting old before you come to pick it up. The fussy eaters can also be happy in knowing that with all the meals being assembled by you, anything that your or your family does not like can be taken out.

Meal prep is done for you before you arrive at DinnerSmith. The vegetables are cleaned and cut (as needed), and the sides are prepared for you as well. Nothing sits around for hours; it is prepared for you right before your scheduled pickup time. You will assemble the meal yourself when you get home which provides you with the opportunity to omit any ingredients that you (or your family) do not care for.

Since you decide what goes in and what does not, anything that could cause a potential problem can simply be left out.

You also have some flexibility with your meals. Once you have prepared them in our facility, you can take them home and heat them up for dinner or you can freeze them for another day, what is more convenient for you DinnerSmith offers you freedom and flexibility.

An Exceptional Proposal

Put our statements to the proof by taking advantage of our "New Customer Special".

Schedule three meals at for $81.00 (serving 4-6 people for each meal). As the smallest option we offer, you can discover for yourself whether DinnerSmith Meal Prep Studios is right for you. You can also call us at (973) 763-2333 and either speak with us or leave a message. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Simply visit the website and follow the step-by-step scheduling instructions.

If this sounds like a great deal to you then do not hesitate to visit us at and find out what we can do for you right now. Many people in Maplewood are doing it and finding that it is improving the quality of their family lives. Once you schedule your time, we will begin preparing for you right away.

About those two Maplewood neighbors I mentioned at the beginning of this letter: they were graduated from college about the same time and together got started on their careers and families. So what made the quality of their lives different?

The real difference is time. One woman has learned to manage her time better and this time management has enabled her to fulfill her desires for both her career and her family.

Investment of time is more critical than any other investment type.

I cannot promise you that family joy and success will be instantly yours if you use DinnerSmith to bring tasty, convenient, and nourishing meals to your brood. But I can guarantee that you will find DinnerSmith always interesting, always reliable, and always useful.

We would love you to try DinnerSmith today.

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Anonymous said...

Dinnersmith will take your money...and won't give you any food! This place took my order for numerous meals and my money...and now won't deliver the food OR return any phone calls or emails. Based on their facebook page and the Better Business Bureau profile I am NOT the only one who has had this experience. Little comfort when you are the one who was scammed. STAY AWAY!!!!